1. How do I enroll for the courses? 

Steps to enroll for the courses 

  • Create and account and login to the portal

  • Select the course you wish to opt for 

  • Select a plan and make the payment 


  1. Till when is my membership valid? 


  1. What is the fee structures of the course? 

The fee structure of the courses may vary. To get the complete information about the courses visit the courses section. 


  1. How to access the live lecture? 

To access the live lectures: 

  • Login to your account 

  • Select your course 

  • Go to the live sessions section 


  1. Can I download the videos and watch later? 

If you are a member of the portal you have access to the video resources to watch anytime on the go. 


  1. How do I connect if I have a doubt? 

To connect to our coach you can direct post a query in the forum/group and you will receive a response from the expert within 24 hours.